Steve Behrns

Born & raised in Western New York, my love for photography spawned out of a desire to capture memories, and a craving for all things wild and pure.
Following graduation from the State College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF) in Syracuse, I tried my hand at a career in healthcare and medicine. It didn’t work out, and the universe directed my focus back to the natural world.
Life presented me with a career as a Park Ranger and civil servant in environmental and public land service. As such, I’ve been fortunate to live, serve, and play in some incredible spots across the globe. My goal is to share the adventures I’ve experienced, in a way that feels as if you were present when I created the image.
I enjoy conveying what is seen and unseen, from a unique perspective. These photos are some of the places and spaces that I hold in my memories. I hope to take you there, with more to come.

- Steve Behrns


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