John Normile

Born June 9, 1959 in Binghamton, NY where I grew up.

I cut my teeth in photography working for Eastern Photo Labs traveling around the country doing in store portraits Moved to Buffalo with my first wife (Esther) and began doing weddings for Wilmack Photographers in 1980.
My first wife was killed during a supermarket robbery at Bell's on Elmwood Avenue in 1981. Being left to raise my 4 month old daughter I left the photo business and went to work for the state of NY (mental health) after remarrying and moving to Lakeview, NY I picked the camera back up and started stringing for Bee Group Newspapers and fell in love with photojournalism. I am completely self taught photographer never went to school or took any classes I just knew what was pleasing to my eye and rolled with it. Started stringing breaking news for Getty Images around 2002. retired from State service in 2014 and continue to string for Getty and Mostly sports for the Bee group.

A license fee has been added to the price of this catalog, this fee is paid direct to the artist or photographer to support their work.


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