Angelo Daluisio

I’m a local photographer from Alden NY.  I like to tell people when they ask about my photography, “If it walks, talks, barks or cries, I don’t shoot it.”  It gets the conversation started for sure!

I sometimes feel archaic admitting to being part of the "old days" of darkrooms, chemicals and manual focus equipment.  I often wondered if the fumes had gone to my head! 

Having done that for many years, I quickly embraced the onset of digital technology, knowing that it was not just a passing fad.  I did so with the thought in mind that it would not make any of us better photographers as we would still have to see, compose and capture the subject just like in the "old days", by pushing down on the shutter button.

 It all starts with light, subject matter and a way to capture it. 

A license fee has been added to the price of this catalog, this fee is paid direct to the artist or photographer to support their work.


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